QIMC Tower

Doha, Qatar

Commissioned by QIMC this project includes three towers, joined at the base, planned for hospitality, commercial and residential use. Drawing on its experience as designer of multitude of high-rises in the West Bay area, AEB’s design is highly effective, both in terms of space planning and energy conservation. The outer façade design is based on the repetition of Titanium Dioxide molecular structure forming a uniform honey comb pattern, and will help reduce overall heat gain by the building.

The 4 story high podium that connects three towers is intended for a retail space which perfectly complements the 23 story high office tower, 29 story high hotel tower with 228 guest rooms, and 38 story high residential tower.

AEB’s design of the project intends to redefine skyscrapers as connecting agent between architecture and the city through the re-composition of surrounding urban context.

Client: QIMC

Location: Doha, Qatar

Built up area: 119,922m²

Floors: 4B + G + M + 40F

Guest rooms: 350

Scope: Design & Supervision

Cost: QR 1 B

Status: Under Design Stage